Federal leaders must innovate fast to meet the needs of today’s citizens. From infrastructure and operations to design and customer experience, we can help you do it right.

Customer Experience
for the People

What We Do

IT Service Management

Improve your delivery and manage costs through consolidation of IT services.
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Customer Experience (CX)

Create empowering and delightful experiences for citizens and staff.
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Enterprise Infrastructure

Build strong systems that ensure reliability, availability, and security for your customers around the clock.
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Agile Development

Solve challenges and prioritize your mission using Agile frameworks built with federal programs in mind.
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Health IT

Create and deliver modern healthcare services and systems.
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Cloud and Migration Support

Lower costs, increase accessibility and improve deployment time with our cloud experts.
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Our Story

NuAxis started with two team members working on one IT infrastructure support program and has grown to over 450 team members serving on 30+ government sites around the country. Since 2002 we have succeeded by creating powerful technology solutions and great experiences that focus on people. Little did we know, we were practicing the discipline of Customer Experience (CX) long before it was a federal priority.

Since then, we have embraced CX and Human Centered Design (HCD) across our business and work to help our customers put citizens and employees first. Our goal is to become the federal government’s leading provider of IT solutions that are designed for the people.

  • General Services Administration
  • National Park Service
  • Department of Interior
  • Department of Labor
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Department of the Navy

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