Technology is our Passion.

People are our Purpose.

People are our purpose

We are reimagining how federal IT works.

After 20 years in federal IT, we know any successful solution begins and ends with people. That’s why our mission is to put them first. We help our clients modernize and build powerful technology solutions through a focus on customer experience (CX) and human-centered design (HCD). 

Because experience is everything.​

We can help you pair innovative technology with CX and human-centered design. By reversing the conventional tech-first approach, we create solutions that serve citizens while saving you time and money.

Mission Systems

We build systems and applications that power your mission by starting with your customers’ needs. We know the technologies and tools you need to do big things and build trust with those who matter most.


You don’t have to spend a lot to create a great experience. We turn your IT investment into impact. We are experts in the major platforms that help you digitize and modernize your workflows at scale.


Trustworthy operations can make or break an agency. We build, optimize, or scale your enterprise infrastructure to ensure reliability, availability, and security for your team around the clock.

Granting Wishes: Making a Federal Agency's Dreams Come True with People-Powered Innovation

In this video, two of our team members, Mudassir Adnan and Tanya Clark, highlight the value of conducting research through human-centered design. They share how we used HCD with one of our government clients to streamline their grant review process, ultimately helping them achieve their mission both today and for years to come.

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Customer experience is a discipline that is changing how technology works in government. Yet with anything new, it can be hard to separate truth from trends. That’s why the team at NuAxis created the GovCX Collective, a unique learning community focused on operationalizing outcomes for CX in government.

If security is from Mars, and CX is from Venus, can they ever work together…or are they destined to fight it out for eternity?

Read our eBook to learn how to get your Security and CX teams on the same page so they can work together to build products that are both easy-to-use and secure.

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CX matters because projects fail when we put process and technology before people.

What is CX?

CX is every interaction you have with an organization—both human and digitalfrom beginning to end. From your website to your help desk and everything in between. 

Why is it important for federal IT?

We need to treat citizens and federal employees like customers to build successful systems. We must consider their functional needs and how it feels to experience them to help build solutions citizens love to use and restore faith in government services.


Why should you care about CX?

The future of government depends on citizen experiences online and in-person. Investing in CX always means streamlined experience, heightened productivity, cost savings, and greater trust in leadership.

Real Talk:



Are you listening to them?

We know this stuff.
(But don’t just take our word for it.)

We want to make CX a part of every federal IT solution because we have seen it work. And our customers from the Department of Labor to Capitol Hill trust us to listen more, build faster, and create solutions that citizens and staff love. 

Let’s talk about what works—and what doesn’t.

Our technologists, cloud specialists, and managers know a ton about tech, the government, and CX. Let our insights and experiences help you learn. 

Our Story

NuAxis started in 2002 with a team of passionate technologists who care about people as much as code. We began with a small engineering team supporting the National Park Service (NPS) and have grown to over 450+ employees and 30 job sites. 

Our customers trust us to deliver...

…and so do our partners.

Working with us is easy.

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