Insights - 5-Things-to-Consider-Post-Pandemic

5 Things to Consider When Returning to the Government Post-Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many federal agencies have been striving to support a flexible workforce to enable employees with a better working experience and work-life balance. NuAxis has had significant experience supporting our federal agency customers through the transition to a long-term flexible workforce.

Our approach takes into account the needs of the federal employee experience. When federal employee needs are met, they are able to provide citizens with the best service possible. Based on our experience, we have highlighted the top five must-haves of a flexible workforce to enable an excellent employee experience:

1.      On-Demand Tools

It is said that a carpenter is only a good as the tools she has access to. The same concept applies to federal agency employees. In today’s technology-powered business landscape, federal employees need to have consistent and reliable access to the technological tools necessary to complete their work. However, it can be challenging for federal agencies to provide the same consistency and reliability of access to employees scattered across the country—some are in the office, and some are still working from home. NuAxis uses an approach that puts the experience of agency employees first by providing them with a single process for accessing their work, whether they are in the office or at home. This way, employees are assured consistent and reliable access to the tools they need to do their work, regardless of life’s demands.

2.      Whenever employees need it, wherever employees need it.

The COVID-19 blurred the lines between the home and work life of many employees around the country, regardless of industry or location. The employees of federal agencies were no exception. NuAxis’ approach to supporting a flexible workforce takes this societal shift into account by empowering federal employees to meet their personal and work-life demands. Our approach, which we deployed at the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, allows them to access their work from a variety of devices and locations. We understand that enabling federal employees with this degree of flexibility provides them with the optimal experience in managing their workload because they can access the tools they need whenever they need them, wherever they need them. This new autonomy of federal employees has resulted in a significant spike in efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

3.      Goldilocks’ Infrastructure: Simplified, but not too Simplified.

To provide federal employees with the consistency, reliability, and flexibility necessary for a great experience with a flexible workforce, the supporting infrastructure must be just right—simplified, but not too simplified. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allows users a wide berth of functionality but is complex and time-consuming to set up and update, leading to a negative user experience in the long run. On the other hand, Virtual Applications may provide a simple, easy-to-maintain infrastructure, but they have limited functionality. NuAxis understands that each federal agency and its employees are unique in their needs and proposes a combined approach that molds the system’s infrastructure to the needs of the agency and its employees.

4.      Protection, Protection, Protection

The linchpin to being able to successfully support any flexible workforce is robust security. Employees might have a great experience with the flexibility to access their information wherever they might need it. However, if they cannot securely access this information and it gets compromised, their great experience turns to a poor one in the blink of an eye. The cornerstone to enabling a flexible workforce is ensuring that all agency data is protected with an all-encompassing security strategy and infrastructure. NuAxis’ approach to cultivating a flexible workforce considers the wide variety of security threats that federal agencies face. We work with agencies to develop a thorough security strategy and infrastructure tailored to an individual agency’s unique threats and needs.

5.      So Easy, a Child Could Use It

A system might have great functionality, but if it appears confusing to the customer and is hard for them to navigate, that functionality is lost because the customer cannot access it. Without an intuitive user interface, customers can spend a tremendous amount of time understanding how to use a system. The inefficiency frustrates them and leads to a poor customer experience. An intuitive user interface serves as a bridge between the customer and technology, enabling the customer to have a delightful experience interacting with the technology. NuAxis believes providing an intuitive user interface for federal employees is essential for a successful flexible workforce. Employees empowered to easily navigate a system can access the tools they need for their work and use the system’s full functionality to increase their productivity and efficiency.

NuAxis’ approach to supporting a flexible workforce is centered around providing federal employees with a stellar experience so they can provide fantastic service to citizens. We strive to equip federal agencies for long-term success as technology and citizen needs evolve. Contact us to learn more about how we tailor our approach to supporting a flexible workforce to meet federal agencies’ unique and nuanced needs!