Federal CX 2.0: Aligning CX Strategy and Implementation Teams: Lessons Learned from GovCX Collective

A jam-packed room brought insightful discussion and solutions as part of March’s GovCX Collective powered by NuAxis event, co-hosted RIVA Solutions, Inc. The topic, Federal CX 2.0: Aligning your CX strategy and implementation teams focused on driving impact in customer experience, human-centered design, and user experience.

Some of the key takeaways included:

Brandon Szabo, Chief, UX and Design at the Internal Revenue Service, discussed the importance of maintaining a deliberate focus on the customer’s needs and understanding of the broader CX strategy to maximize the impact of the solutions developed. What am I trying to solve? How does what I learned fit into the bigger picture?

Jonathan Rubin, Senior UX Researcher + Research Operations Manager at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, noted that CX and UX is about making the invisible, visible, and is more about what we don’t know vs what we do know. Having inspiring problem statements that follows through the entire design process is critical to ensuring true experience improvement.

Peter Lewis, Principal Product Designer at Evernorth Health Services, highlighted the significance of knowing when to use qualitative vs quantitative data for measuring success and avoiding fixation on the numbers. Converting the problem into outcomes you can bet on also helps guide the team towards the most impactful solutions.

Heather Viland, Service Designer at Capital One, stressed the vital role of leadership buy-in and fostering a culture that values design and diverse voices at the table for successful CX implementation.

Join us for our next GovCX Collective event, “How CX is Applied in IT Service Management (ITSM)” coming up in April. You can learn more about the event, and the unique learning community focused on CX government solutions via this link.