Our Area330 innovation lab, adjacent to our headquarters near Washington, D.C., gives our best designers and developers a place to work collaboratively and creatively on new projects.


NuAxis Innovations is proud to offer the benefits of a large contractor while remaining flexible and responsive. Through our research and development initiatives, our team is at the forefront of evolving technologies, including Agile initiatives, so we can provide our customers with the most effective IT solutions.

Area330Our Area330 group is located in an open office space next door to our main office just outside Washington, D.C. This space gives team members a place to work collaboratively and creatively on projects. By deploying a proven Agile development framework, NuAxis is better able to support the missions of our federal agency customers. We are proud to provide the advanced technology necessary to help our government customers execute their missions that enhance the lives of citizens across the United States.

Our team of passionate technologists have experience developing both enterprise and cloud-ready applications. We have developed mobile, web and desktop applications using diverse technology stacks – from lambda applications based on AWS to provisioned applications for a hybrid environment. Our development methodology includes Agile development and continuous integration, delivery and deployment as part of our DevOps practice.


NuAxis’ UX/UI design methodology includes extensive user research and testing. We utilize strategic design practices to continually update our solutions and create products that will empower users, enable quicker onboarding, increase usability and – ultimately – result in fewer help desk calls.

NuAxis’ three-step process (SAE: Strategize, Assess, Execute) begins with the brainstorming and exploration of new directions with surveys, field studies and domain analyses. Then, we commit to design decisions using card sorting, rapid prototyping and usability studies. Finally, our team assesses product performance with usability benchmarking, online assessments, surveys and A/B testing. This loop of continual feedback and iteration allows us to create the highest quality solutions.

NuAxis Open Source

We are a group of people who are passionate about open source. We have delivered successful solutions by leveraging open source technologies. We have been able to spend more time on building the solution rather than on technology because of the openness and free availability of open source software.

We want to create more value than we capture and we actively encourage our team members to contribute towards open source projects. We hope that our contributions would help sustain this open and free community.



JavaScript library for OpenDJ REST API to access directory data as JSON resources over HTTP


JavaScript library for Node.js® and browser to search though FPDS.GOV ATOM Feed


A simple System for Award Management (SAM) API wrapper

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