Navigating Trauma in CX Research: Lessons Learned from the GovCX Collective

Reducing Trauma in CX Work

Addressing trauma in CX work is a challenging topic. CX in the government space often focuses on improving services for vulnerable or marginalized groups who have experienced traumatic events. These kinds of services are life-essential and require both practitioners and beneficiaries to broach sensitive topics to make vital improvements. In the first event of 2024, the […]

Interviewing Up and Coming CX Leaders: Augusto Cangahuala

CX leaders- Augusto C

I’m excited about this series because we’ll be highlighting practitioners and leaders who are emerging, rising stars. It’s important to give the individual a platform. Because of larger teams and politics at play, they don’t always have the opportunity to share their stories. First up is Augusto Cangahuala, Customer Experience Program Manager at the U.S. […]

Lessons from GovCX Collective: Reaching Underserved Populations

Lessons from GovCX Collective-Reaching Underserved Populations

Reaching underserved populations in government isn’t just about checking boxes; it’s about building trust, breaking down barriers, and actively involving these communities in decision-making processes. During our inaugural GovCX Collective event, Reaching Underserved Populations, we hosted an amazing panel of empathetic experts: Jennifer A. Crewalk, Ph.D., April Harding, Diem Mooney, Ph.D., and Stephanie Wade. They shared their experiences, insights, […]

What Is CX Data (And Why Does It Matter)?

What Is CX Data image of people with data and charts

In the CX world, we often find ourselves surrounded by positive-minded people who prioritize improving the human experience and tend to deprioritize data. At the same time, however, funding and stakeholder buy-in is crucial, and numbers play a significant role in the federal space. This is where CX data comes in to help us validate […]

Girl With the Stickies: How to Advocate for CX When No One Cares

Girl with the stickies blog image

Anytime you’re forging a path towards the new, it’s a roller coaster. When starting my customer experience (CX) journey over a decade ago, one of my low points came when a senior member of management referred to me as “the girl with the stickies” because of my design research and prototype drawings posted all over […]

3 Quick Human-Centered Design Tactics to Get Your Project Unstuck 

Let’s take a second to set the stage: you’re a service desk manager and you’ve hit a wall on how to solve a tough challenge. Your team has lost momentum and isn’t sure how to move forward. Don’t panic! Human-centered design techniques can help get your project back on track. Here are three HCD tactics […]

CX and Security Deep Dive Part 2: How to Make it Work

Insights-CX and Security Deep Dive Part 2-How to make it work

Like it or not, CX and security must be teammates if we want to modernize federal IT, improve citizen trust, and meet the goals outlined in the President’s Management Agenda. We recently hosted a webinar to explore the tumultuous marriage of security and CX and found some common ground and new lessons! (You can watch the replay […]

Mastering the All-Encompassing NuAxis CX Process: Level 1 of CX Training

Insights - company-wide-event

NuAxis Innovations has committed to helping their federal customers fulfill their agency mission with increased ease and efficiency by improving their Customer Experience. The journey began with the goal of creating a capability which infuses CX into every aspect of how NuAxis solves its customers’ problems. Once this capability was established, we socialized a process […]

Why CX Matters: A Letter from Our Director

As we are preparing to do a company-wide event called “CXtravaganza”, a colleague asked why CX matters. Here is what our Director of CX, Amanda Chavez, had to say.