What “Shift Left” Means & Why Should You Care

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The first time I heard the term “shift left,” I immediately took to my favorite search engine to explore and understand the full meaning behind this concept. It didn’t take long to pinpoint its value for the service desk and its customers. For the uninformed, shift left entails moving information or knowledge from the upper […]

Three Reasons Automation Fails

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The best part of being in the world of technology is change! We get to see changes in the technology stack almost daily, many of which improve operations and service delivery. One of the more dominant trends right now is the usage of automation and while it may seem new, the tech industry has been […]

Enhancing Government Data Categorization With Human-Centered Design

Enhancing Government Data Categorization With Human-Centered Design-HCD

One major challenge government agencies face is managing and categorizing vast amounts of data effectively. Accurate data categorization is crucial for efficient information retrieval, policy development, decision-making, and public service delivery. When tackling this challenge, government agencies can benefit from incorporating human-centered design (HCD) principles into their data categorization processes. HCD focuses on understanding user […]

Embracing Enterprise Experience Management


No matter what business vertical your organization resides in, customer support continues to be a driving force for continued success. Three to five years ago, I would have been rallying organizations to move towards Enterprise Service Management (ESM) as the go-to approach for managing internal services and processes. However, today’s demanding digital environment calls for […]

Human-Centered Design and DevSecOps: The Perfect Partnership 

In today’s fast-changing digital world, agencies must adopt innovative approaches to reduce costs while ensuring secure software development. Our team at NuAxis has combined human-centered design (HCD) and DevSecOps to support the growing demand for secure and customer accepted applications and services. When these two approaches are combined, they create a powerful collaboration that can […]

How Human-Centered Design Can Help the Help Desk

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The operational components of the help desk are far from trivial. Agents and management teams are not only responsible for resolving customer issues, but also improving operations and service delivery. The group must understand their customer’s touchpoint and pain points, as well as their individual and collective needs. Digging deep into the customer’s needs requires […]

Evolution of the Help Desk


The help desk can be traced back to the early days of computing when businesses began to rely on technology to automate their operations. As computer systems grew more complex, it became necessary to have a dedicated team of information technology (IT) professionals to manage and support them. The first help desks were staffed by […]

How to Adapt and Improve Customer Service in a Post-COVID World

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While I’d like to think all aspects of the pandemic are behind us, the truth is that the operational world we knew before COVID-19 is unlikely to return any time soon. Most of the workforce is remote or hybrid and corporations are downsizing their office needs. However, the demand for support continues to grow, and […]

Delivering IT to Your Doorstep

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The dramatic increase in remote work because of COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the U.S. Department of Labor’s ability to onboard employees across the United States. Due to limited personnel providing on-site coverage, DOL was faced with operating on a different set of parameters while continuing to receive overwhelming requests to onboard and offboard federal and […]