At NuAxis Innovations, we believe that happy employees do the best work. We value our employees’ time and talent, so we invest in corporate infrastructure. We take care of everything behind the scenes so employees are left to focus on the mission at hand.


NuAxis’ leadership is committed to open employee communication, development and advancement opportunities, and a balance of competitive salaries and employee benefits. We provide comprehensive training to ensure that all employees have opportunities for growth and continued education. No doubt in large part due to the employee benefits we provide, NuAxis maintained a 98% employee retention rate in 2015. We are proud to say our employees stay and grow with us.

NuAxis is always looking for passionate candidates from across the country to assist our federal customers with their IT infrastructure needs. Our main offices are in Washington, D.C. and Denver, but we also hire remote contractors for agencies across the nation—and no matter where they’re located, each of our employees is an integral part of the NuAxis team.

We’re going places, hop on board!

Federal IT and you – Are you up for the challenge?

At NuAxis Innovations, we believe our biggest asset is our people. NuAxis leadership is dedicated to investing in corporate infrastructure, so our employees are taken care of. From competitive salaries and benefits packages to advanced education and training opportunities, NuAxis employees can grow their careers with the company.