Building Your CX Career: Lessons Learned from the GovCX Collective 

Building your cx career_lessons learned

Careers in Customer Experience (CX) have surged in recent years, as organizations increasingly recognize the direct impact of CX investments on building trust, differentiating products, and boosting sales and engagement. In the federal sector, agencies are seeing budget increases for CX initiatives and a growing need to integrate core CX competencies like strategy, accessibility, UI/UX, […]

Elevating Federal Agency Digital Experience (DEX) to Enhance Citizen Digital Experience (CDX)

Leveraging Nexthink for Seamless Progress The quality of the digital services that federal agencies offer to the American people depends on how well they manage their own digital experiences internally. Improving Employee Digital Experience (DEX) within federal agencies is not only about working more efficiently; it’s also about affecting Citizen Digital Experience (DX) and, as […]

Team Member Spotlight | Senior Project Manager, Adnan Qureshi

Senior Project Manager Adnan Qureshi “Enjoys Complex Challenges and Delivering Exceptional Results” “Early in my career I had a fascination with how to implement innovative project management techniques that drove organizational efficiency.” Senior Project Manager Adnan Qureshi says the origin of his career journey started out of an interest in the intersection of technology and […]

How To Automate Part of Your CX Journey

Automation is a hot topic in customer experience (CX) because it enables government and businesses to operate with greater efficiency, personalization, and proactive responsiveness. To explore strategies for automating CX and its impacts, I sat down with Rich Zanatta, VP of Operations and Chief Technology Officer at NuAxis. Rich, thanks for chatting with me today! […]

How UX Researchers Illuminate the Path by Embracing Ambiguity

Originally published on Medium | View it here or read it below. In the ever-evolving and often ambiguous design and product development landscape, UX researchers are at the forefront of exploration and discovery. Like intrepid explorers bushwhacking through dense jungles, we navigate the complex, often ambiguous terrain, seeking to uncover insights hidden beneath layers of […]

Have You Humanized Your Service Desk?

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence, advanced tools for call processing – the technology parade seems to be never-ending. Each of these features have enhanced our ability to improve service delivery and customer experience at the service desk. In some respect, advancements in technology have enabled service desks to answer more calls and improve metrics […]

3 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your CX Efforts from the Start

3 ways to get the most of out of your cx efforts from the start blog

At NuAxis we often say that implementing the perfect customer experience (CX) strategy alone is not a guarantee your work will be well-received. That’s because extracting value from CX initiatives goes beyond simply executing the work well—it requires laying the right foundation for these initiatives at the start of your projects.  Below we offer some […]

Navigating Trauma in CX Research: Lessons Learned from the GovCX Collective

Reducing Trauma in CX Work

Addressing trauma in CX work is a challenging topic. CX in the government space often focuses on improving services for vulnerable or marginalized groups who have experienced traumatic events. These kinds of services are life-essential and require both practitioners and beneficiaries to broach sensitive topics to make vital improvements. In the first event of 2024, the […]

Unraveling the Differences Between the Digital Experience and the Digital Employee Experience

Unraveling the differences between the dx and dex

Are You Confused About the Difference? Let’s Break It Down! In the ever-evolving digital landscape, two key concepts often find themselves entangled in the web of technological jargon: Digital Experience (DX) and Digital Employee Experience (DEX). If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering about the distinctions, fear not! In this blog, we’ll demystify […]