Navigating Trauma in CX Research: Lessons Learned from the GovCX Collective

Reducing Trauma in CX Work

Addressing trauma in CX work is a challenging topic. CX in the government space often focuses on improving services for vulnerable or marginalized groups who have experienced traumatic events. These kinds of services are life-essential and require both practitioners and beneficiaries to broach sensitive topics to make vital improvements. In the first event of 2024, the […]

Unraveling the Differences Between the Digital Experience and the Digital Employee Experience

Unraveling the differences between the dx and dex

Are You Confused About the Difference? Let’s Break It Down! In the ever-evolving digital landscape, two key concepts often find themselves entangled in the web of technological jargon: Digital Experience (DX) and Digital Employee Experience (DEX). If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering about the distinctions, fear not! In this blog, we’ll demystify […]

Predictive and Proactive: Moving Beyond Shift Left with MakNuAx

MakNuAx is an SBA-approved joint venture between SBA mentor-protégé firms NuAxis and Makpar. We work together to offer Federal agencies full-spectrum services for IT modernization. Our work is proven with award-winning experience and a strong partnership built on integrity and trust. MakNuax is an 8(a)/WOSB/EDWOSB certified company. Empowering Organizations with Predictive Analytics, AI, and Advanced […]

Interviewing Up and Coming CX Leaders: Augusto Cangahuala

CX leaders- Augusto C

I’m excited about this series because we’ll be highlighting practitioners and leaders who are emerging, rising stars. It’s important to give the individual a platform. Because of larger teams and politics at play, they don’t always have the opportunity to share their stories. First up is Augusto Cangahuala, Customer Experience Program Manager at the U.S. […]

What “Shift Left” Means & Why Should You Care

Shift Left Blog Thumbnail

The first time I heard the term “shift left,” I immediately took to my favorite search engine to explore and understand the full meaning behind this concept. It didn’t take long to pinpoint its value for the service desk and its customers. For the uninformed, shift left entails moving information or knowledge from the upper […]

Three Reasons Automation Fails

Graphic of person upset because their automation failed with icons

The best part of being in the world of technology is change! We get to see changes in the technology stack almost daily, many of which improve operations and service delivery. One of the more dominant trends right now is the usage of automation and while it may seem new, the tech industry has been […]

Lessons from GovCX Collective: Reaching Underserved Populations

Lessons from GovCX Collective-Reaching Underserved Populations

Reaching underserved populations in government isn’t just about checking boxes; it’s about building trust, breaking down barriers, and actively involving these communities in decision-making processes. During our inaugural GovCX Collective event, Reaching Underserved Populations, we hosted an amazing panel of empathetic experts: Jennifer A. Crewalk, Ph.D., April Harding, Diem Mooney, Ph.D., and Stephanie Wade. They shared their experiences, insights, […]

Enhancing Government Data Categorization With Human-Centered Design

Enhancing Government Data Categorization With Human-Centered Design-HCD

One major challenge government agencies face is managing and categorizing vast amounts of data effectively. Accurate data categorization is crucial for efficient information retrieval, policy development, decision-making, and public service delivery. When tackling this challenge, government agencies can benefit from incorporating human-centered design (HCD) principles into their data categorization processes. HCD focuses on understanding user […]

What Is CX Data (And Why Does It Matter)?

What Is CX Data image of people with data and charts

In the CX world, we often find ourselves surrounded by positive-minded people who prioritize improving the human experience and tend to deprioritize data. At the same time, however, funding and stakeholder buy-in is crucial, and numbers play a significant role in the federal space. This is where CX data comes in to help us validate […]

Embracing Enterprise Experience Management


No matter what business vertical your organization resides in, customer support continues to be a driving force for continued success. Three to five years ago, I would have been rallying organizations to move towards Enterprise Service Management (ESM) as the go-to approach for managing internal services and processes. However, today’s demanding digital environment calls for […]