Personalizing Constituent Services

Citizen-facing staff are often overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of constituent communications management and tracking. Staff members need a modern solution with enhanced automation that makes constituent communication easier to manage while enriching the citizen experience.

NuAxis Innovations is pleased to introduce Constituent Insights 360o, a modern, secure, cloud-based Constituent Services System (CSS) solution to help staff manage constituent communications and stay connected to those you serve.

Correspondence Management

Our solution is a user-centered tool that helps staff develop and maintain omni-channel constituent engagement via workflows and automation. We can help you batch correspondence and newsletters by issue and maintain approval chains on a mobile device, automate in-person and virtual appointments, and access all your constituent communications, cases, history, and insights in one central location.

Social Media Integration

We can help you easily manage your social data and quickly analyze it for insights. Your staff can integrate casework and appointments from specific social posts, streamline responses directly within the system, and automate and apply intelligent tools to this labor-intensive function.

Trending Social Media Posts

Secure Integrated Constituent Requests

Easily integrate with existing web vendors to build out your service request catalog. Constituents can submit feedback, access newsletters, request and track status of common services (e.g., flag requests, and Capital tours), and receive bi-directional communication with the office. The secure low-code/no-code platform makes adding new services easy, and the drag-and-drop layout makes it simple to respond to current issues.

Dashboards and Reporting

Role-based dashboards and reports are dynamic and real-time to make relevant information available to drive action at every level. The system prioritizes information and insight to increase efficiency while retaining constituent trust and connection.

Casework Integration

Link your casework and constituent communications to provide seamless services while retaining correspondence history and context. Dashboards and reporting on casework cover multiple correspondence channels and ensures timely follow up.

AI/ML Insight Generation

Text-based constituent feedback channels (such as social media, webforms, and email) can be analyzed for sentiment and help you personalize communication. Our AI/ML capabilities can be used to group similar communications to streamline the response process.


Watch our demo below to learn more.

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Designed to keep constituents connected to their legislative leaders in federal, state, and local offices.

Ci360 helps you provide faster and more intuitive constituent services without sacrificing personalization.

Automate common correspondence functions to respond faster

Build and share email templates

Access constituent inbound and outbound correspondence

Complete casework faster and keep related information organized with workflows

Reduce repeated calls for information with self-service constituent request management

Automate common service request workflows and integrate with web vendors

Access tools via mobile platforms including iOS and Android

Ingest and analyze social media posts by issue or demographics

Analyze constituent communications for sentiment per individual or in aggregate

Built-in Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery

Integrate with common townhall and other mass communication software

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