How a team of engineers learned to put people before code.

Our CX Journey

Caring about people is in our DNA. Since we started NuAxis, our technologists have gone the extra mile to help our federal clients succeed and deliver for the citizens they serve.

For years we saw a growing disconnect in how many federal IT initiatives worked. Time after time, large programs failed because the focus was on the tools and products and not the people using them. Something had to change.

Long before we knew Customer Experience (CX) was an established discipline or a federal priority, we were making people a bigger part of the process. Today, we are committed to bringing our deep expertise in CX and Human-Centered Design (HCD) best practices to all of our projects—regardless of size, scope, or tech stack. 

We want to help federal IT leaders engage early, listen to today’s citizens, and build IT solutions with people in mind.

NuAxis is training everyone on the team in CX principles and how to use them day-to-day or as a focused initiative. Our goal is to become the federal government’s leading provider of IT solutions that are designed for the people.

Our Approach

From the onset, our aim is to deliver an experience that enables the customer or citizen to solve their problem and feel that the agency or program is going the extra mile to take care of them. We enable this level of CX through a blend of data analysis and HCD techniques to determine the highs and lows of a customer’s experience by examining the processes, services, touchpoints, and products with which customers regularly interact.

Using these data points, we use customer insights to create small system tweaks or large innovations depending on what the customer needs. Attention to CX always means streamlined experience, heightened productivity, cost savings, and greater trust in leadership.

Curious about CX and HCD? Get in touch to schedule an interactive hands-on tutorial with one of our experts!