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Modern tech solutions to support your mission and transform your organization. 

“What-ifs” turn to possibilities when human-centered ideas and cloud services come together. We utilize a unique mix of customer experience (CX), human-centered design (HCD), agile integration strategy, and user feedback to modernize IT environments. This approach optimizes systems to reduce costs, ensure continuous service, strengthen security, and scale on demand. Our offerings are diverse and can be easily tailored to fit your vision and priorities. Together, we’ll empower and position your organization for sustainable growth. 

How NuAxis Does It

We listen before we act.

Your needs are at the forefront. Strategy, cost, and implementation are informed by a customer- and human-centered analysis of the current system.

Then, we gather and apply stakeholder feedback…

We don’t simply perform work. One of our goals is to earn buy-in and easy adoption from all parties through conversation and change management. Full-team adoption is mission-critical; without it, security and ROI are at risk.

And lead the continuous transformation of the cloud and its apps.

Post-implementation, we utilize monitoring and analytics tools to proactively identify and address issues.

6 Key Service Offerings

Get ready for a true partnership – we won’t disappear and leave you fending for yourself. Stakeholder analysis, user testing, and strategy development inform our iterative approach to cloud migration and implementation. Post-implementation, we conduct training and gather feedback to make continual refinements and improvements to optimize experience, compliance, and cost.

Infrastructure as a Service Migration (Iaas)

Re-Factor the Environment

Re-Platform the Environment

Deployment of Multi-Cloud Environments

Deployment Through New Purchase (Saas/PaaS)

Retirement of System

Advice & Insights

We unleash innovation and fuel advancement. Let us fill you in on the latest in CX and how we’ve empowered and positioned organizations for sustainable growth with our approach to Cloud services.


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