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DevSecOps + CX = Advantage

We create transformative customer experiences by integrating human-centered design (HCD) and customer experience (CX) principles with DevSecOps. By embedding experience and automation into our secure development process, we optimize delivery, gain actionable insights, and achieve operational excellence. Our framework turns customers into loyal advocates by providing one-of-a-kind experiences that work from small initiatives to agency-wide programs. 

How NuAxis Does It

We start by optimizing DevOps tools.

Over 1-3 months, we conduct in-depth customer experience and human-centered design research to uncover key insights and determine new and innovative ways of addressing old technology problems. By defining a clear roadmap for developers based on our findings, we build new features with our customers’ wants, needs, and goals in mind.

Then, we shift the focus to Visualization.

By developing a CX/UX scorecard tied to our DevOps data and workflows, we gain visibility into how well the experiences we design are performing for customers.

We enhance the Commit/Build/Delivery stage…

By embedding HCD tactics and CX designers into the agile development process, we keep the customer experience front and center. We design and test rough CX wireframes, gather feedback through usability testing, and continuously improve by inserting actionable customer insights right into our development cycle.

And lean on collaboration in SecureOps.

We work with our security team during the design and development phases to determine both the customer experience and technical requirements needed to ensure we build the proper security into the design and deliver a secure result.

6 Key Service Offerings

Throughout the process, we prioritize security and take extensive measures to protect data and communication. We follow industry best practices, conduct regular reviews, and provide developer training to ensure optimization and a high level of security. Additionally, we believe in being proactive rather than reactive, constantly identifying areas for improvement and taking prompt action. Through reporting, feedback, and analysis, we’re able to constantly learn and explore greater possibilities. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive yet seamless experience by weaving those ideals into each of our DevSecOps offerings:

Secure Coding

Scalability – Continuous Integration and Testing

Continuous Agile Deployment and Delivery

Monitoring and Logging

Incident Identification and Categorization

Continuous Improvement

Advice & Insights

We unleash innovation and fuel advancement. Let us fill you in on the latest in CX and how we’ve empowered and positioned organizations for sustainable growth with our approach to DevSecOps.


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