Customer Experience

Federal IT projects fail or fall behind when they do not address customer experience. It feels overwhelming, but there is good news: you can use tactics today to build solutions that put citizens and staff first without additional cost or headaches.

We embed the core concepts of customer experience in everything we do.

we embed customer experience in everything we do

From operations to platforms to enabling missions, we believe in beginning with people in mind.

Federal agencies spend billions of dollars every year to create the IT services that keep our nation running. Yet many times it doesn’t work the way they anticipated—launches fail, adoption levels tank, and leaders are left wondering how they missed the mark.

There’s a better way.

We believe the key to creating successful IT systems doesn’t start with code— it starts with people.

CX helps you listen more, build faster, and measure success by how people feel.

Everyone at NuAxis knows leading edge CX approaches and can use them in day-to-day operations or as a customized service to support federal IT leaders. We help you use tactics like:

Human-Centered Design

Data-Driven Design


Journey Mapping

The President’s Management Agenda calls for CX in all Federal services.

See what the PMA recommends!

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Amanda Chavez

“Your customers are our mission. By making them a part of the process, we can build solutions they will love to use while saving you time and budget.”