Customer Experience

NuAxis Innovations provides federal agencies with the tools and expertise required to holistically assess the experience that citizens and employees have when engaging with agency services. Using both quantitative and qualitative data analysis alongside Human-Centered Design, NuAxis creates and implements solutions to address the nuanced needs of an individual organization while providing a stellar end-to-end experience for all users.

Why should you care about the experience you provide?

Federal agencies collectively spend billions of dollars each year to deliver services to citizens and their employees. They build and launch new websites, answer copious questions in contact centers, experiment with the latest new apps, and re-engineer stalling services. While federal agencies spend so much of their limited resources and energy into creating and launching new products and programs to improve the lives of their customers, many times it doesn’t work the way they anticipated. Why?

Why NuAxis?

This is where NuAxis can help. The reason that these programs don’t meet the needs and expectations of their customers is that they haven’t included them in the design and development of the service.  At NuAxis, we embed the business practice of human centered design (one of the customer experience disciplines) into all of our IT service projects as the foundation of any successful engagement—our staff is trained on how to use it, and it is successfully integrated into each of our projects throughout a contract’s lifecycle. We believe that just as security, quality, and program management is embedded into the modern IT landscape now, CX and HCD needs to be embedded in the same manner. CX is not just a pre- or post- activity but an essential way of doing work. By embedding CX into how we deliver all our services, NuAxis helps federal agencies not only accomplish their modernization, transformation, and operations goals, but in doing so, we also help them improve the experience provided to their customers—the employees and citizens who use and rely on these services. 

Our Approach

From the onset, our aim is to deliver an experience that enables the customer or citizen to solve their problem and feel that the agency or program is going the extra mile to take care of them.  We enable this level of CX through a blend of data analysis and Human Centered Design (HCD) techniques. We practice CX as a rigorous, data-driven business discipline that enables organizations to determine the highs and lows of a customer’s experience by examining the processes, services, touchpoints, and products with which customers regularly interact. Using these data points, we use customer insights to drive process improvements, solutions, and innovations that surprise and delight customers because of the overwhelmingly positive experience they provide. For federal organizations, this means a streamlined experience, heightened productivity, cost savings, and ultimately an increased trust in the agency.

Let’s Get Together

Don’t take our word for it—give NuAxis a try. We would love to have you as our guest to work through one of your agency’s challenges in a hands on, interactive, hour-long CX session to give you a taste of what we do.

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