Insights - Delivering IT to your doorstep

Delivering IT to Your Doorstep

The dramatic increase in remote work because of COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the U.S. Department of Labor’s ability to onboard employees across the United States. Due to limited personnel providing on-site coverage, DOL was faced with operating on a different set of parameters while continuing to receive overwhelming requests to onboard and offboard federal and contractor support. NuAxis understood immediately what was at stake.

Committed to delivering innovative solutions and strengthening operational resilience for customers, NuAxis piloted a “We Bring IT to Your Doorstep” approach. This initiative leverages automation for continuity of operations, optimizes the new hire journey, and improves customer experience. By utilizing the ITSM Platform, ServiceNow (IT Service Management), to generate tasks for related shipping efforts, the team successfully developed a seamless onboarding process that inserts shipping equipment and offers a superb virtual experience for new hires.

In addition, NuAxis provides a welcome tool kit with first use instructions, important contact information, brief descriptions of tools and applications, and other helpful online resources. The team also selected an experienced group of technicians to assist customers with their initial login and first access to the network.

This pilot has brought rewarding experiences to new hires while also improving the agency’s service delivery efficiency and transparency. New hires receive everything they need on Day 1 across all regional and national offices in a consistent and efficient manner. NuAxis refined the process to now include issuing a soft phone and setting the configuration for multi-factor authentication on every laptop; previously, these were independently requested which caused delays. Standardizing the process has created clear expectations of when the equipment will be available to the new hire and increased accountability in all areas of onboarding. The entire process from beginning to end is fast, predictable, and reliable.