The Next Big Thing… we think.

It began with a quest to solve world hunger.

Four college friends studied different things, but all had a strong passion for solving world hunger after graduation.

After working on this issue for years, they got together for lunch and realized despite all their training and all their efforts, it still didn’t work. Their programs still missed the mark.

Story of four friends

It wasn’t until the 4th friend (Corey) spoke up that they realized what was missing. The 4th friend had spent a big part of her life hungry and told them stories they had never heard before about the process of being hungry and the experience of sourcing sustainable food options for themselves and their family. Corey brought empathy into the process.

The way we modernize government IT systems has improved in the past 15 years but is still missing something important: the customer.

Recent efforts to include customer experience is the right choice, but how we implement it can fall short. It’s time to stop tacking-on the human element and officially add the voice of the customer to how we plan, build, and deploy modern IT systems. We call this idea “DevSecCXOps.”

What is DevSecCXOps?

DevSecCXOps is a take on DevSecOps that integrates the customer throughout the lifecycle. While CX currently appears in the process – mock-ups, discovery, usability testing – this approach gives customer and citizen stakeholders a permanent seat at the table. CX will no longer feel “tacked-on” but part of the internal mechanisms that make technology work.

DevSecCXOps lifecycle

How It Works

The approach takes the standard DevSecOps and Agile development cycle and intentionally integrates Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Customer Experience principles throughout the process. Systematically adding the customer voice helps tech teams connect and measure the human elements throughout the process – aligning your team for a successful outcome.

DevSecCXOps –Blueprint

Why It Helps

Processes like DevSecOps and Agile improve product outcomes and ensure the secure delivery of services. Prioritizing the customer in the daily activities of technology further positions agencies for truly transformative results. A DevSecCXOps approach can help you:

Test hypotheses and ensure smooth adoption

Deploy the right features and track adoption rates

Build features your customers like with continuous feedback

Plan better to understand the customer journey

Operate to reinforce security, reduce technical debt, and save budget

Monitor customer satisfaction and increase throughput

DevSecCXOps benefits

Let’s Continue the Discussion

Our team would love to show you how this works. Reach out and we will be in touch!