Over 17k users. 22 agencies. 5 infrastructures. 1 service desk.

Consolidating DOL’s Service Desk took a deep understanding of the customer experience.


DOL service desk needed to modernize to better support over 17k users across 22 of 24 agencies and 500 worksites. 

In just 6 months, NuAxis met with customers across six different regions to uncover challenges and create a streamlined solution.

DOL now has one ServiceNow enabled help desk, reachable 24x7x365, that provides VIP and tier 0-II support for the entire agency with 95% of tickets resolved within 1 hour. 


In 2014, the Department of Labor sought to consolidate its IT service desk across the entire Department of Labor enterprise and its 5 disparate infrastructures. The task was to modernize complex federal government systems while responding to the realities of staff shortages, shrinking budgets, security risks, and evolving mandates. 

The Problem

The Department of Labor used multiple help desks and a Remedy-based system to serve over 17k internal users, as well as external support for public-facing applications. The system was highly inefficient, extremely expensive and labor-intensive to operate, and frustrating for everyone.   

CX in Action

Our team consolidated multiple help desks at the Department of Labor into a common support platform across 22 different agencies using customer experience and human-centered design principles.   

The process of engineering a single point of contact for all Department of Labor employees began with deep analysis of the processes, services, touchpoints, and products regularly used by staff. Understanding unmet needs, expected outcomes, success metrics, and overarching expectations were all key considerations.   

We met weekly with workstreams comprised of NuAxis CX experts and Department of Labor employees to understand the time it took to resolve tickets, the extent to which desk technicians appear friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable, and the overall customer experience. Interviews with 25 field-based and regional customers generated hundreds of data points, including 25 important customer insights and 16 actual solutions.    

The Solution

The CX-centered unified service desk from NuAxis is structured around VIP and Tier 0, I, and II support for users in all 16 field offices across six different regions. Incidents are immediately prioritized in a streamlined workflow based on impact and established procedures. Using ServiceNow protocol, the Tier I team manages the incident resolution process, service requests and problems while maintaining a centralized knowledge base. The team retains ownership of the ticket through resolution, even when it’s escalated to a higher tier. 

The Results

Today, over 17k employees in the Department of Labor look to one Enterprise Service Desk as a single point of contact for all incidents, service requests, and problems across a wide range of IT services and products. Employees from 22 agencies at 500 sites now have a unified service desk reachable 24 x 7 x 365 that can even support public-facing applications.  

Staffed by 100+ personnel to provide VIP and Tire 0, I and II support for users across 16 offices and six regions, this new Enterprise Service Desk processes 14,000+ tickets monthly.  

All self-submitted incidents are reviewed, categorized, and resolved using known, effective processes and channeled through robust ServiceNow IT Service Management and CRM procedures. Moreover, a Continuous Service Improvement Manager (CSIM) manages and analyzes ongoing quality metrics across each tier of service.  

Enhanced intelligent processes include Robotic Process Automation solutions that can automate form processing and information updates or even target select segments with specific user notifications.  

It’s a smart system that’s only getting smarter.

Customer Impact

6 months to done

NuAxis coordinated IT transformation activities on an extremely aggressive timeline of six months to minimize disruption.

14,000+ tickets monthly

14,000+ service tickets are processed each month across 16 field offices and six regions with customer satisfaction reported in the 90th percentile  

95% resolved within 1 hour

344 active VIP customers generate 200-600 VIP service tickets monthly. 95% are resolved within one hour