NuAxis-Elev8 GovCon Award Honoree

We are a 2023 Elev8 GovCon Honoree!

Congratulations Team!

NuAxis has just been recognized as being among OrangeSlices’ most recent Elev8 GovCon honorees.

The Federal GovCon sector continues to be one of the most complex and competitive marketplaces in the world and the consistent and long-term winners of today and tomorrow are those companies which understand they must not only bring to the table efficient and effective solutions, but also a corporate culture that demonstrates their own excellence, making them a beacon for talent, for partners, and for clients. 

The list represents a select list of federal government contractors which have been identified as #doingittherightway based on outstanding results in several key areas:

  • Expounding a Corporate Culture that is defined, evolving and authentic. 
  • Evidence of Mission Focus which providers a greater view into purpose and intent is clear. 
  • Execution as an Ethical, reputable and sought-after partner is confirmed. 
  • Employee Focus is demonstrated and ongoing. 
  • Engagement within the broader community is clear. 
  • Embracing Philanthropy has been demonstrated in one or more key ways. 
  • Evidence of Inclusivity is clear, encouraged and channels exist for voices to be heard. 
  • Exemplification of Innovation through technology, process, mission, or approach is clear.

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