Enterprise IT Infrastructure Support
NuAxis Innovations believes a strong infrastructure is the only practical foundation for all other IT services. Our enterprise IT infrastructure support services keep individual users productive so agencies can experience seamless day-to-day operations around the clock.


NuAxis understands the interdependencies among infrastructure support tasks. We facilitate collaborative, cross-trained teams where personnel have an understanding of the entire infrastructure operation and design – not just isolated support. NuAxis builds comprehensive teams that can work across any infrastructures to complete tasks that ensure availability and reliability.

Network management

Data center management

Web infrastructure management

System and database administration

Capacity planning

Auditing and monitoring

Backup and recovery implementation

Configuration and change management


Service desk support

Active directory expertise

Asset and server management

NuAxis’ enterprise IT infrastructure support services encompass end-to-end IT support activities required to fully manage agencies’ environments. NuAxis manages the National Park Service’s (NPS) IT infrastructure across 396 parks and 28,000 users and supports the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) across eight IT support areas, including server and network management.

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