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Have You Humanized Your Service Desk?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence, advanced tools for call processing – the technology parade seems to be never-ending. Each of these features have enhanced our ability to improve service delivery and customer experience at the service desk. In some respect, advancements in technology have enabled service desks to answer more calls and improve metrics for first call resolution, but are we really doing enough? Are we humanizing our agents and service desks to provide adequate support?

Humanizing the service desk refers to the process of making interactions between customers and the service desk more personal, empathetic, and human-like. This can be achieved through personalized greetings, conversational tones and active listening, for example. Though putting yourself in the customer’s shoes isn’t always easy, it’s worth the effort as it helps agents connect with customers and their needs. The goal is to provide a better service experience by making customers feel valued and understood, ultimately earning their trust and loyalty. 

This might be surprising, but customers are people and people like to be heard. Treating them like a number or a mere transaction only adds to the frustration they may already be feeling about the issue they are trying to remedy. When this happens, they need someone to listen without being judgmental or hostile. Not all agents have the natural ability to apply or even understand empathy. The good news is we can educate our agents to become better customer service representatives through soft skills training, mentoring, call monitoring (with immediate feedback), and frequent coaching. 

Applied effectively, each of these methods can help agents identify, measure, and improve the way they communicate with customers. Applying empathy when providing customer support is a game changer.