Health IT

NuAxis Innovations’ health IT experience, capabilities and competencies reside predominantly in our Health Services Division which was founded by Dr. Seemi Andrabi, a board-certified infectious disease and wound care physician.


NuAxis’ Health Services Division provides healthcare, clinical and mobile-visual-alertsdisease management support with a specific focus on communicable and infectious diseases. We implement and manage electronic medical records, automate administrative and clinical processes and maintain and support health IT systems that allow effective and efficient patient support. This includes maintaining and operating telemedicine systems and implementing private, cloud-based storage of health records and patient information.

NuAxis’ Health Services Division is at the intersection of health and IT, supporting the systems, subsystems and equipment vital to providing health services while allowing for the application of innovative and emerging technologies that enhance and modernize healthcare and research activities.

Through a contract with Pacific Architects and Engineers, Inc., NuAxis provides vaccination and travel health consultation to federal personnel, including lawyers, retired military, law enforcement officers and other officials traveling abroad to support the Department of State, Department of Defense and Department of Justice.

NuAxis also developed an emergency alert and mass notification tool, ReachPlus Alerts, which is central for communication and coordination during emergencies. The ReachPlus Emergency Notification System for healthcare (including hospitals, pharmacies, urgent care centers and medical offices), enables administrators to rapidly and reliably communicate with doctors and other medical personnel in times of emergencies as well as during normal operations.

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