Image of happy person at desk with HCD icons in background

How Human-Centered Design Can Help the Help Desk

The operational components of the help desk are far from trivial. Agents and management teams are not only responsible for resolving customer issues, but also improving operations and service delivery. The group must understand their customer’s touchpoint and pain points, as well as their individual and collective needs. Digging deep into the customer’s needs requires a process that allows the customer’s voice to be heard through human-centered design (HCD).

An Overview of HCD

Human-centered design gives agents, managers, and business analysts the ability to:

  • Observe and understand customer touchpoints, goals, challenges and needs in order to map out their journey and complete work.
  • Synthesize those observations into actionable insight, prioritizing key issues.
  • Utilize ideation sessions to rank key issues by impact and importance to the customer, and brainstorm solutions.
  • Bring solutions and ideas to life by creating quick concepts through prototyping.

The Outcome

Human-centered design increases customer satisfaction because it incorporates user feedback and preferences into the solutions to their problems. HCD encourages developers, business analysts, and help desk team members to define and solve problems from the customer’s perspective and better align services to their needs.

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