Insights - Inspiring company wide event-the CXtravaganza

When a Company-wide Event Inspires Employees to Infuse CX into Their Everyday Responsibilities

At NuAxis, we believe CX is pivotal in restoring the faith and trust of citizens in the effectiveness of services provided by their government. We wanted to organize a company-wide movement to enact tangible change with CX; this is how the CXtravaganza was born.

NuAxis leadership has a vision of how CX can revolutionize and streamline services provided by the Federal government and restore citizens’ faith and trust in its effectiveness. Following the tumultuous events of 2020, the NuAxis Leadership team was determined to embark on their vision and end the year on a high note—one aimed at uniting the Federal government and the citizens they serve. Understanding the gravity of this mission, this could not be a solo venture, and we quickly realized that it would require a company-wide movement to enact tangible change with CX. However, we also faced with an all too familiar challenge: how could we achieve this during the COVID-19 pandemic?

From this challenge, the CXtravaganza was born. On December 9, 2020, over 250 employees from various departments converged virtually for NuAxis’ largest employee gathering. Many of these employees had heard about CX and were eager to learn more about it. But, as they soon learned, the best way to understand the full benefit of CX is to experience it first-hand. Employees were organized into teams where they then evaluated a different facet of the NuAxis customer experience. The variety of experiences being assessed ranged from virtual onboarding to interacting with the helpdesk and everything in between. Participants on each team first collectively brainstormed what information would help them understand their customer’s experience. They then engaged with their customer, and intimately interview them about their experience. As the finale, teams extracted the customer’s pain points from the interview data to create an innovative solution that met the customer’s unaddressed needs while also improving their overall experience.

During the company-wide virtual happy hour that followed, employees consistently gave feedback that the event was enjoyable and refreshing, with many employees saying it helped them view their work in an entirely new light. Jennifer Dodd, a NuAxis employee working with the Department of Labor, remarked how she now understands that “Customers want personalized service that goes beyond just having their issue resolved. Ensuring that a customer has a phenomenal customer experience anticipates the customer’s needs and sees that they are fulfilled.” Dodd and her colleagues felt inspired to infuse CX into their everyday responsibilities and dedicate themselves to improving their customer’s experience in any way possible. By having a conversation with their customer about their experience, they had a much deeper appreciation and understanding for the customer’s grievances. As a result, this sparked an avalanche of ideas on how NuAxis could improve their customer’s experience, taking a CX-centric approach to enable a much larger impact on their projects.

The CXtravaganza challenged employees all over NuAxis to think about their work in innovative ways. After experiencing the benefits of CX firsthand, many employees have made it a priority to practice CX in their everyday work. NuAxis employees have been able to implement CX on their projects with the goal of providing their customers with the best possible experience.  In their work for the Department of Labor, NuAxis employees have been able to leverage CX to improve the on-the-job safety and tools for Mine Inspectors. The CXtravaganza garnered the support that NuAxis leadership had been hoping for to advance our mission of using CX to reform the experience Americans have with government services.

NuAxis plans to capitalize on the positive momentum of their CX movement by rolling out their CX Certification program this month. The Director of CX at NuAxis will train employees from all of departments on embracing the CX mindset and integrating CX into their work. We will take you on an inside look at our state-of-the-art training program as we interview some of the employees participating in the training, so stay turned for more on CX at NuAxis.