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Mastering the All-Encompassing NuAxis CX Process: Level 1 of CX Training

NuAxis Innovations has committed to helping their federal customers fulfill their agency mission with increased ease and efficiency by improving their Customer Experience. The journey began with the goal of creating a capability which infuses CX into every aspect of how NuAxis solves its customers’ problems. Once this capability was established, we socialized a process framework for implementing CX at any federal agency– NuAxis CX Process. The NuAxis CX process has already been applied at 90% of federal agencies in the NuAxis portfolio, including the Department of Labor, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, and the Bureau of Land Management.

NuAxis leadership has decided to take the next step in providing their customers with a stellar experience by training employees at all levels on the NuAxis CX Process. Director of Customer Experience, Amanda Chavez, spearheaded the initiative to create this all-encompassing training program. The training program is currently being piloted with a small group of employees and will soon be offered to all employees, as well as NuAxis’ federal customers. The program consists of five levels, each exploring a new phase of the NuAxis CX Process.

Level 1 of the pilot training program was launched in early April 2021. The first level focused on understanding CX and the NuAxis CX process, as well has how to best communicate these concepts to customers. In the first half of Level 1, participants had the opportunity to take a deep-dive into the discipline of CX in addition to the tools and concepts that fall under the CX umbrella. They explored how to better understand their customers by leveraging psychological, social, and design concepts.

During this first training, Amanda Chavez explained, “We need to be able to fully place ourselves in the shoes of our customers. It is the only way we will truly be able to understand their needs in order to address them. That is the cornerstone of providing a great customer experience.”

Additionally, the participants learned several techniques to better understand their customers’ point of view. A favorite of these techniques was the one-hour “Speed CX” exercise which enabled the participants to work with their customer to identify their pain points, solution with customers, and test ideas quickly.

The second half of Level 1 training focused on the best practices for establishing a common language about CX with a customer. The participants learned how to create personas for their customers to gain a better understanding of their customers’ unmet needs. They learned how to identify key stakeholders in the CX process and tailor their CX approach to meet the needs of these stakeholders. They also explored how to best communicate the concept of CX to their customers depending on their customers’ role.

NuAxis Director of Capture Jessica Price, currently piloting the training program, remarked, “Using Personas to understand how our customers and stakeholders could benefit from CX was so eye opening. Understanding where our customers are coming from, and the language they currently use, was vital in being able to successfully communicate the concept of CX to them.”

At the start of the program, each participant in the training was given a CX Passport to track their progress. Upon completing Level 1 of the CX Training Program, each participant was awarded a Level 1 Badge to put in their CX Passport to commemorate their accomplishment and progress. The participants then moved onto Level 2 of the program which focuses on the skills needed to facilitate CX activities. If you are interested in learning more about CX and our training program, contact us for more information on setting up a pilot of this training for your organization!