Nothing works if your operations do not. We built our business building the nuts and bolts of IT shops all over the Federal Government. We understand how ops fits in to your architecture and your customer experience strategy. 

Operations - IT service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM)

We help you design, build and deliver IT support services that focus on your customers and your ROI. 

Enterprise Service Desk

Whether you are serving 1,000 customers or 100,000, we can help you build, scale and streamline service desk with a focus on customer experience.  

Operations - aws platform graphic
Operations - Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT Operations

We are device agnostic providing solutions that support business needs operating within your organizational data centers.


We approach cyber from three distinct areas: confidentiality, integrity and availability to ensure organizational data is always protected.

Operations - cyber
Operations - Cloud


Support your business needs while remaining cost effective.

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Rich Zanatta

Operations is experience. Engineers need to partner with customers to create the infrastructure that will power and protect your future.” 

How CX Supports Operations

Operations challenges are experience challenges. From the cloud to the service desk, every touchpoint matters to building a positive experience.