Department of Interior – National Park Service

The Challenge

The National Park Service (NPS) requires continual IT support for its parks and employees across the country. In addition, the NPS system requires modernization incorporating innovation and technology without system interruption during the updates.

The Work

NuAxis manages the IT infrastructure across 396 parks and 28,000 users for the NPS. NuAxis engineers have been associated with the NPS data center’s infrastructure since before it was built and have been integral to its dramatic growth. After the number of servers and the amount of equipment increased exponentially in the data center over the last two decades, NuAxis implemented a virtualization initiative to reduce the number of servers by half –  from more than 300 to 150.

NuAxis is also involved in the Park Service’s network design phases (LAN/WAN) and design implementation, which includes installation, configuration and maintenance. NuAxis provides 24/7 operation to the 490 sites around the country.

The Numbers

  • 28,000 users
  • 17,000 desktops
  • 8,000 laptops
  • 500 tablet PCs
  • 200 virtual desktops
  • 490 sites
  • 13 regions
  • 24/7 operation and customer service
  • 50% reduction of required servers
  • 396 parks

The Proof

“Performance Rating: Exceptional – [NuAxis] provides a wide range of IT services. From Tier I help desk services to Active Directory management, messaging and data center support. [NuAxis] has a positive history of reasonable and cooperative behavior with this office. [The company] has exhibited exceptional business relations with all customers during this reporting period; this is evident in [NuAxis’] communications with Government personnel, its own employees, and its subcontractor. In addition, [NuAxis] has shown remarkable ability to respond and adapt to the changing technical needs of the customer. A case in point is the customer’s need to implement virtualization of its server base. [NuAxis] was able to provide staff with appropriate technical skills or train staff, where needed, to help the customer meet its organizational goals. Another example was [the NuAxis] staff’s exceptional support for one of the department-wide initiatives of migrating from one mail system to another. The integration and coordination activities that [NuAxis] has taken to execute the contract have been excellent.”—National Park Service Contracting Officer