Department of Labor – Enterprise Service Desk

The Challenge

Civilian Federal agencies – including the Department of Labor (DOL) – needed to consolidate service desk support to improve worker efficiency and lower costs.

Before NuAxis began working with the DOL, each agency had its own service desk operation, running on multiple platforms and in different stages of maturity, which lacked a consistent user experience across the department.

The Work

The DOL’s Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) now comprises IT service desk support across nine disparate infrastructures. It is designed to support 22,000 users across six regions in 16 field offices.

Upon award, NuAxis stood up two call centers – a primary facility and a continuity of operations (COOP) facility – to maintain and control the Department’s data and to provide customer service for its employees. For both call centers, NuAxis configured the entire infrastructure, including connectivity to the DOL network, and obtained an authority to operate (ATO).

The Results

To date, NuAxis has transitioned more than 20 Department of Labor agencies into the Enterprise Service Desk and has created a working model of an ESD that delivers services across one of the largest Federal enterprises. The ESD processes a large volume of tickets, and the NuAxis team solely responds to and resolves more than 14,000 tickets each month.

The ESD has significantly impacted the Department of Labor’s IT consolidation efforts. Under the ESD, NuAxis provides the department’s more than 17,000 employees unified, streamlined and consistent IT support services. Even with the increased quality and improved customer service, the ESD operation still provides significant cost savings for the Department, as the contract is structured on a per-ticket model. The per-ticket cost decreases as the volume of tickets reported to the service desk increases, which incentivizes even more consolidation across agencies within the DOL.

The Proof

“NuAxis’ performance during this contract period exceeded the requirements within the Performance Work Statement (PWS) and allowed the Department of Labor to successfully begin its consolidation of our Agency IT help desks into a single Enterprise Service Desk. Their approach and their response to the PWS has worked out better than we anticipated. We have been highly pleased with the work they have done since starting with DOL in Q1 of FY2015. We’re finding that their uncompromising excellence, outstanding quality and responsiveness to daily challenges in the DOL have served us well. We’re looking forward to a very long and productive partnership with this company.” – Department of Labor Contracting Officer