Fed mission Success Podcast Raza Latif

Hear Raza Latif Discuss What Public Service Means and Why CX Matters

In this Fed Mission Success podcast episode, Fareeha Khan, Communications and Marketing Manager at Makpar, speaks with Raza Latif, CEO of NuAxis Innovations, about his vision for enhancing Customer Experiences (CX) in government. Raza was also recently named the “Industry Executive of the Year,” as part of the 2023 Service to the Citizen Award program.

It’s clear that CX in government is a critical priority in 2023 and beyond. And NuAxis Innovations is leading the way by developing government CX solutions that begin with people in mind – from operations to platforms to enabling missions.

Much of this vision comes down to Raza having personal experiences around receiving critical services from government. He believes that government has the opportunity to provide life-impacting solutions to citizens, and it’s critical to develop digital services to deliver the best and most modern experiences.

Key highlights:

  • What services to citizens means to Raza, and his personal experiences around CX. (1:10)
  • What CX really is, and how it can help shape federal IT. (5:55)
  • About MakNuAx, a SBA-approved Joint Venture (JV) between Makpar and NuAxis Innovations, and how it’s advancing government CX. (11:17)