Insights - Saving Paper during the Pandemic with Service Central

Paper and Pandemic: Saving Trees Using ServiceNow

At the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), NuAxis Innovations is utilizing the ServiceNow platform to eliminate paper forms used to request IT services. The DOL OCIO used 20 different paper forms to receive customer requests for IT services, ranging from account management requests (onboarding, transfers, deletions) to common requests such as hardware installs, shared resource creations, printer setups and more. On average, requests created via these forms make up 25% of the total incidents processed monthly by the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD).

NuAxis’ ServiceNow team successfully built a self-help portal named Service Central that has been published to all 16,000 DOL federal employees and contractors. This portal contains resources such as knowledge articles and surveys as well as the service catalog, which now includes electronic versions of the ESD paper forms, supported by fully automated workflows that send tasks to the appropriate IT groups for request fulfillment. As a result, request fulfillment transparency is significantly increased, enabling customers to check on the status of their request without contacting the service desk. At the same time, managers are notified of requests and can either approve or reject requests within ServiceNow before they are sent to OCIO for fulfillment.

Due to the initiative’s success, several other OCIO teams have started moving their entry point for request fulfillment to the Service Central portal. The OCIO is on target to decommission and transition to a fully automated submission process for all standard request fulfillment forms.