Team Member Spotlight | Senior Project Manager, Adnan Qureshi

“Early in my career I had a fascination with how to implement innovative project management techniques that drove organizational efficiency.”

Senior Project Manager Adnan Qureshi says the origin of his career journey started out of an interest in the intersection of technology and business.

“I’ve always been an extrovert, and a career where I could leverage my strength as a people-person, with project management was exciting,” he added.

The Dallas-area based Adnan Qureshi is part of the NuAxis team delivering innovative program management and project management solutions for the Office of User and Network Services at the Internal Revenue Service.

The Office of User & Network Services (UC/UNS) deploys modern unified communication technology including voice, video, and collaboration services. Adnan and the team implement technologies and standards and provide engineering and program management to improve communications and access services across the agency. This includes voice engineering designs, configuration changes and upgrades, and virtual service relay enhancements for the hearing impaired.

Adnan said hes enjoyed collaborating with his eight-person team to adapt to IRS’ evolving needs to support its roughly 80,000 employees and the agency’s mission, while delivering results on time and on budget.

“The team has been instrumental in adapting to compressed project timelines and accelerated delivery asks from the IRS,” he noted. 

Recently the team underwent certification for SAFe Agile, and Adnan said the team aims to implement SAFe 6.0 framework within the IRS to optimize coordination and development between teams.

“This will allow us to provide exceptional support for leadership management around communications, reporting, and managing stakeholders,” Adnan said.

Adnan believes strong customer experience (CX) and Human-Centered Design (HCD) are key drivers of business success. He pointed to a 2023 survey which showed 77% of consumers believe positive customer experience needs an element of human touch.

Adnan, a native of Pakistan, has worked around the globe supporting IT needs for governments and world leaders. He said he’s enjoyed the supportive environment and commitment from senior leaders on making the experience better for all team members, even for employees like Adnan Qureshi, who are based hundreds of miles away from the NuAxis offices in Northern Virginia.

“It’s wonderful being part of a company that prioritizes innovation, fosters collaboration, and they truly value the contributions of their employees,” he said. “It’s been a fulfilling and inspiring experience. They really empowered me to expand my skillset and stay at the forefront of industry trends.”

Outside of work, Adnan’s passions include singing and cooking. He’s been singing since 1995. He’s composed and released original music and he loves doing live gigs with his band whenever time permits. On April 12th, the first song of his new EP comprising of 5 original songs was released. Adnan has also spent time as an actor in a well-known TV series in Pakistan.

“I love trying different things in music,” he added. “It’s such a vast field and so exciting because music trends keep changing, so it’s challenging to adapt and come out with something unique. You discover yourself along the way, and ways to express yourself.”

Qureshi, who sings and performs pop music in the Pakistani home language of Urdu said success in his home country is measured by whether it is picked up by TV shows or movies. He said one of his songs was chosen for a popular TV series in Pakistan.

“The song had been out for about a year,” he added. “Then I got called by a producer for one of the hit TV series who said he’d like to feature the song. It played in every episode, so it’s been fun to see that song become a hit.”

While Qureshi enjoys cooking food from around the globe, and touted his Pakistani barbecue, he said one cuisine is his favorite to immerse himself in as a cook.

“Italian food is a constant challenge. To make Italian food, you must understand the mindset,” he added. “The country is amazing in terms of food culture and food quality. To experience it, it was like, ‘wow.’ Your palette is bursting with favors.”

Adnan said Italian cooking is akin to how he feels at NuAxis, in that he enjoys continuous learning.

“You must constantly strive to find the best ingredients and build the dish how it’s supposed to be built,” he said. “You’re always learning something new, it’s fascinating!”

Whether it’s his collaborative work with the IRS, or conjuring new cuisine in his kitchen, Adnan Qureshi says he draws inspiration from many people, especially the late Steve Jobs.

“I enjoy complex challenges and delivering exceptional results,” he added.

You can check out Adnan Qureshi’s music on Spotify and YouTube.

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